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About THG Automation

In the past, the only robotic solutions were traditional robotics that were hard to program, complicated to implement, took up lots of floor space, took a team to support, and were more suited to high volume manufacturers. These industrial robots were traditionally integrated to execute, in most cases, a single task or application where the robot's task is repeated day in and day out and the return on investment is easy to realize. Robotic automation has been a harder sell in lower volume projects, difficult processes, production runs with uncertain quantities, and where skilled programmers are hard to find. We have seen these limitations, and until now, there was no real good answer to overcome them. Today, there is a new movement: collaborative robots. We at THG Automation have taken advantage of this new technology and are now offering it to our clients as a very capable and quick-to-deploy solution.

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  • We’ve been there and done it. When you choose us, you’ll feel the benefits of decades of experience in production welding, welding automation, and industry expert welding consultancy.
  • We know welding. With a working knowledge of the welding process and all possible outcomes, we can take your parts where they need to go by connecting you to the correct welding system.
  • Our team is chosen by professionals, domestically and internationally. We’re rapidly becoming the go-to collaborative robotic welding solution for manufacturing organizations across the globe.
  • We understand your organization’s needs. Before we even start building your system, we think about your welding and production goals so that whatever system you choose will be the most optimal choice for achieving your best results.
  • We’re easy to work with. Our product is about accessibility and increasing successful outcomes, and we are always available to guide you through the process and get you to your production goals.
  • We focus on results. For us it’s all about what adds value for you and your organization. Above all, we want our systems to work for you and make your fabrication process run smoothly and efficiently.

Advanced Options

We think it's important to offer a simple, quick-to-deploy solution to our customers. When they need more advanced functionality, we have you covered. Features like Fronius teach mode, touch sensing, seam tracking, path recording, multi-pass, wire sense, edge detect, coordinated positioners, and more allow our customers to quickly adapt for their welding production needs in ways not possible before.

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Simple But Powerful

"We are there for you!"
THG Automation is focused on the success of our customers. Before, during, and after you receive your system, we provide virtual and live demos, sample part runs, system selection assistance, on-site training, and ongoing support, including free software updates.


We are proud to be a Fronius Authorized Integrator Partner.

Fronius is a full-service provider, system manufacturer, and single-source supplier of welding systems for all sectors. Their technologies are designed for all types and production welding. High wire speeds and deposition rates meet all requirements for productivity and precision.



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Universal Robots makes user-friendly robot (or cobot) arms that deliver high payloads and have wide reaches, making them ideal for organizations carrying out tasks such as welding, packaging, palletizing, and machine tending. THG Automation is proud to craft its integrated robotic systems using the Universal Robots UR10e. The precision, accuracy, and dependability that the UR10e provides is a priceless addition to any organization, but especially to THG Automation and our mission to make the best cobot solutions on the market.

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