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Why is automation so important to US manufacturing?

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We can say with certainty that welding with a THG Automation system is a huge game changer! Here we used the robot on our THG air cooled push system to weld an aluminum part for our customer, and the welds turned out great. This has been an awesome addition to our metal fabrication tool kit at JL2.


CMT Cycle Step is a game changer on stainless especially when you are fighting gaps. THG Automation Universal Robots

Steve Anderson

I was not a very good welder a few years ago. I did not feel safe allowing my welds to be what was keeping our team safe. THG Automation and Universal Robots have been my high tech partners to remedy that. I trust my work now more than ever before. Our robotic Welder has skills that I never will.


"Within the four hours I was there, we programmed 20 weld points.  It proved to me that if I can learn to program it in four hours, there's no doubt the system can work in our shop. I wrote the purchase order that same night."

- Greg LeFevre, CEO

Schlemmer Brothers Metalworks

With the introduction of our new robotic welder, we can now produce parts with weld-on-weld overlay for high-wear applications. With the latest and greatest from Fronius USA, our welding capabilities are endless.


About THG Automation

THG Automation is at the forefront of revolutionizing the welding and cutting industry by harnessing the power of industrial collaborative robotics. As a product company, THG creates a line of productized industry-leading, advanced, collaborative robotic welding and cutting solutions using Universal Robots industrial robots, Fronius welding equipment, IHT's oxy-fuel cutting technologies, and Hypertherm's plasma cutting equipment. Serving manufacturers in the US, Canada, Mexico, and beyond, THG is focused on making robotic automation accessible to more operations than ever before. With years of product development expertise and experience in robotic welding, THG delivers unparalleled skill and innovation in its offerings.

Embrace the future of manufacturing with THG's top-of-the-line collaborative robotic welding and cutting equipment, and unlock limitless possibilities for your business. THG is rapidly becoming the go-to collaborative robotic welding solution for manufacturing organizations across the globe, understanding your organization's needs and focusing on results that add value to your fabrication process.

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  • Decades of Mastery: Our rich history in production welding, welding automation, and expert consultancy ensures you're partnering with seasoned professionals. We've walked the path, and we know the intricacies.
  • In-depth Welding Expertise: Our comprehensive understanding of the welding process ensures that your parts are matched with the ideal welding system, optimizing every outcome.
  • Globally Recognized: Both domestically and internationally, industry professionals are turning to us. We're fast becoming the preferred partner for collaborative robotic welding solutions worldwide.
  • Tailored to Your Needs: We don't just provide systems; we align them with your welding and production aspirations. This ensures that the solution you receive is primed for your success.
  • Partnership Made Simple: We prioritize ease of collaboration. Our commitment is to guide you seamlessly through every step, ensuring you meet your production objectives with ease.
  • Results-Driven Approach: Your success is our benchmark. We're dedicated to enhancing value for your organization, ensuring our systems streamline and elevate your fabrication process.

Advanced Options

We think it's important to offer a simple, quick-to-deploy solution to our customers. When they need more advanced functionality, we have you covered. Features like Fronius teach mode, touch sensing, seam tracking, path recording, multi-pass, wire sense, edge detect, coordinated positioners, and more allow our customers to quickly adapt for their welding production needs in ways not possible before.

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Simple But Powerful

"We are there for you!"
THG Automation is focused on the success of our customers. Before, during, and after you receive your system, we provide virtual and live demos, sample part runs, system selection assistance, on-site training, and ongoing support, including free software updates.


We are proud to be a Fronius Authorized Integrator Partner.

Fronius is a full-service provider, system manufacturer, and single-source supplier of welding systems for all sectors. Their technologies are designed for all types and production welding. High wire speeds and deposition rates meet all requirements for productivity and precision.

Fronius Integrator Partner


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Universal Robots makes user-friendly industrial collaborative robots (or COBOT) arms that deliver high precision and have a wide list of functions, making them ideal for organizations carrying out tasks such as welding, packaging, palletizing, and machine tending. THG Automation is proud to craft its integrated robotic systems using the Universal Robots UR10e and UR20. The precision, accuracy, and dependability that the UR provides is a priceless addition to any organization, but especially to THG Automation and our mission to make the best COBOT solutions on the market.

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