Semi Automated Vs Fully Automated Welding

While people worry that automated welding could replace workers, it’s important to think about if you are going to use a semi automated or fully automated system.  When you worry about it replacing workers, you are likely thinking of a fully automated system. 

A fully automated system will do everything from loading the product, moving the machine on its own, welding and unloading the product from the machine.  A good way to picture this system is if you’ve ever seen a video of a food factory.  The machine starts up in the morning and runs by itself all day until someone turns it off at the end of the day, routinely producing the same product all day.  

On the other end, there is always an option to purchase a semi-automated system. With a semi-automated system you will have one or two workers manning the machine.  They will load the product on, start the machine, ensure it is running correctly and unload the product from the machine when it is done.  This can be an all day process or broken into shifts depending on business needs.  

What Are The Perks?

If you are a business that needs high volume of the same product, a fully automated system will crank out products faster than any traditional welder.  This would give a company the opportunity to “set it and forget it” in a way to allow them to focus on other tasks.  It frees up hands and guarantees finished product at the end of the day.  


For businesses that produce multiple types of products, a semi-automated welding system makes it simpler for a worker to set up the machine for different products and switch them out as needed to meet business needs.  This is a skill that can essentially be taught to anyone, so businesses wouldn’t necessarily need to hire specific employees for this job, they could switch their existing employees around throughout the day or even hire someone who might not get a similar position otherwise (like someone right out of high school who wants to learn).  

What Do We Think?

 Here at THG Automation, we sell semi-automated welding machines.  While we see the perks of semi automated set ups for businesses, we know that every business has different needs and can benefit from either one.  

Are you interested in a semi-automated welding system?  Reach out to us and we would be more than happy to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.  

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