The CMT Welding Process – Here’s What You Need to Know

You may have noticed that, more than ever, industrial robots are being used in a wide variety of industrial applications to perfect the art of welding. THG Automation’s Universal Robots and Fronius welding solution, the URF-1 system, offers a variety of welding capabilities. One choice is referred to as the CMT (cold metal transfer) process. This is just one of the many welding processes that the URF-1 is capable of providing, and one that might be a good fit for your welding goals. Just like all of our welding solutions, choosing the CMT option creates more welding possibilities, it’s more versatile, and can increase throughput in a wider variety of welding operations. 



Today we have more modern options to choose from without taking the traditional MIG/MAG approach in welding, which is extremely advantageous if we’re looking for safer and more stream-lined solutions. Variety is the spice of life, as they say. So how does CMT make sure that the welding process produces a higher quality result? 

What’s going on during the CMT process?

During the welding process, CMT puts out less heat into the weld zone, so tiptoeing around heat warping and burn through isn’t going to be an issue anymore compared to something like pulse MIG welding. What that means is that this whole process uses a lower heat input which is a huge contributing factor to why you’d get those impeccable results you’re looking for. The great thing is that this means it’ll also cross out the need for pool support, so you already know that this will minimize the possibility of a warped galvanized sheet. Less worrying, better results – it’s a kind of a no-brainer. 


Spatter Who?

As far as spatter goes, nobody wants to spend their time cleaning up spatter or stopping the weld process to keep cleaning the torch nozzle. You’ve worked hard, you want to see a good finished product without worrying about distracting spatter concerns. Look near the welded joint and you’ll probably be happy to see that there’s no spatter in sight! Cleaning up spatter is pretty much a thing of the past using the Fronius CMT process with our URF-1PA collaborative welding solution. The superior results produced will speak for themselves.

Who Might CMT be Good For?

Some industries that might want to try out the CMT approach would be the maritime transport industry, the motorcycle industry, the automotive industry, aerospace engineering, et cetera. Everyone wants clean welds, to have the ability to join differing metals, and gain strong results. Just something to consider on your path to welding dominance… 

Limits Exist, But Aren’t All Bad

However, with any kind of creative manufacturing process there are limitations, especially when more difficult materials are involved as we all know. Stuff like aluminum, stainless, and thin materials are going to be the perfect match for CMT welding. That being said, this process allows you to use metals with varying thickness… so while we have some restrictions, there are also cutting-edge outcomes that you can still accomplish with the Fronius CMT process. 

Regardless of any restrictions involved with CMT welding, this is why having welding options in 2021 is a beautiful thing. You’ll now have the ability to get a glimpse ahead of time concerning potential issues that could arise, which is one way that the our expertise can help cut welding costs. In addition, the collection of programming possibilities that Fronius provides lends you a hand for your own welding goals, and it makes the whole process a cool way to explore the full power of efficiency and design in welding. Welders can advance their skills even further especially with the hands-on training provided by THG Automation, and clients and manufacturers will have a clearer vision of what lies ahead during the manufacturing process. 

We have everything you’d need to cater to your talents and objectives. Maybe CMT is right for you? Exploring our website for more information will help you get a clearer understanding of what’s going on in terms of choice.  Want to read more about our supplier of CMT torches?  Check out the Fronius website and be sure to send us any questions you may have about those different options.

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