THG Automation Introduces Innovative Rotational Positioner for Collaborative Welding System

(Indianapolis, IN) Welding positioners have long been indispensable tools for welders, aiding in the precise positioning and rotation of workpieces to achieve superior weld quality. Recognizing the importance of these tools, THG Automation has unveiled a revolutionary rotational welding positioner designed specifically for the collaborative welding market, offering a multitude of advantages over traditional positioners.

Their new welding positioner is designed to be used with any Universal Robots eSeries robots and can be used with a wide variety of workpieces. Up to four positioners can be controlled at once from one robot controller. Currently there are three versions that can handle loads of up to 500 kilograms (1100 pounds).

One of the standout features of this new welding positioner is its seamless integration with any of THG Automation’s Universal Robots and Fronius Perfect Welding collaborative robotic welding systems. When combined, the robotic arm and positioner synergistically deliver highly efficient and precise welding performance. The positioner can be programmed to rotate the workpiece at specific speeds and angles, guaranteeing that the welding torch consistently maintains the ideal position for high-quality welds.

Employing a THG Automation robotic welding system with this innovative positioner provides a host of advantages over traditional welding methods. Foremost among them is increased efficiency. Manual flipping of parts may become unnecessary, allowing the robotic system to work continuously without breaks, resulting in faster completion times and heightened productivity. As they say in the business arc-on time is where you make your money.

Enhanced weld quality is another significant benefit derived from utilizing a robotic welding system with the new positioner. The precise control offered by the robotic system ensures consistent and superior welds. Additionally, the positioner’s ability to allow access to hard-to-reach areas facilitates comprehensive and meticulous welding, further elevating the overall quality of the weld.

Ease of use for welders is also a top priority in the design of THG Automation’s new welding positioner. Its highly intuitive and user-friendly interface simplifies operation, allowing welders to harness its capabilities effortlessly. Furthermore, the positioner boasts a robust construction that guarantees durability, making it low-maintenance and capable of withstanding the demanding conditions of a busy welding shop.

In conclusion, THG Automation’s newly introduced welding positioner offers a plethora of advantages when integrated into a collaborative welding system. Its adaptability, maneuverability, and acceleration of welding processes make it an invaluable tool for welding a diverse range of workpieces, representing a valuable investment for manufacturers seeking to enhance productivity and achieve exceptional weld quality.