THG Automation Introduces New Linear Rail Option for Universal Robots and Fronius Perfect Welding Integrated Robotic Welding Systems

Revolutionary Addition Enhances Precision and Flexibility in Welding Automation

[Indianapolis, IN] — THG Automation, a pioneering name in the world of integrated robotic welding systems, proudly announces the launch of its new U2W-2L Linear Rail Option, a cutting-edge advancement designed to elevate precision and flexibility in welding automation. This latest addition is set to redefine the way manufacturers approach robotic welding processes, offering enhanced capabilities and unparalleled efficiency.

The Linear Rail Option is compatible with THG’s Universal Robots and Fronius Perfect Welding integrated robotic welding systems, cementing THG Automation’s commitment to providing adaptable solutions that cater to a diverse range of industrial needs. This expansion not only reflects the company’s dedication to innovation but also its mission to empower manufacturers with the tools they need to achieve optimal results.

Key Features of the Linear Rail Option:

  • Enhanced Reach and Range: The Linear Rail Option extends the reach of robotic welding systems, enabling seamless movement across a broader workspace. This added range is particularly beneficial for welding large components or handling complex assembly setups.
  • Precision and Accuracy: Precision is paramount in welding applications, and the Linear Rail Option guarantees exceptional accuracy in each weld. Manufacturers can rely on consistent results, even in intricate or demanding projects.
  • Adaptable Configuration: The Linear Rail Option offers versatile configurations, accommodating various layouts and production needs. Its design ensures easy integration, making it an ideal solution for both new and existing setups.
  • Optimized Workflow: With the Linear Rail Option’s dynamic movement capabilities, welding paths can be optimized for efficiency, reducing cycle times and enhancing overall productivity.

Why Choose the Linear Rail Option from THG Automation:

“The introduction of the Linear Rail Option is a testament to our dedication to pushing the boundaries of welding automation,” says Zenobia Weigel, PR Manager at THG Automation. “We understand the evolving needs of manufacturers, and this new offering provides an unprecedented level of precision and adaptability that significantly impacts their operational success. With the Linear Rail Option, our customers can achieve unparalleled welding quality, production flexibility, and improved ROI.”

As THG Automation continues to redefine the future of welding automation, the Linear Rail Option marks another milestone in the company’s journey of innovation and customer-centric solutions.

For more information about THG Automation’s new Linear Rail Option and their range of integrated robotic welding systems, please contact Sales Coordinator Jaxson Schuessler at