THG Automation Unveiling Breakthrough Innovations at FABTECH 2023: New Linear Rail Option, Rotational Positioner, and More Redefine Robotic Welding

Leading the Way in Welding Automation Advancements

[Chicago, IL] — THG Automation, a trailblazer in integrated robotic welding systems, is set to dazzle attendees at FABTECH 2023 with an impressive lineup of new cutting-edge innovations. From the highly anticipated Linear Rail Option to the game-changing Rotational Positioner, THG Automation continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the realm of welding automation. The company’s presence at FABTECH 2023 in Chicago promises to be a showcase of next-generation technologies that empower manufacturers with unprecedented capabilities.

Featured Innovations at FABTECH 2023:

  • Linear Rail Option: THG Automation’s new Linear Rail Option extends the capabilities of their Universal Robots and Fronius Perfect Welding integrated robotic welding systems. With enhanced reach, precision, and adaptability, the Linear Rail Option opens up new possibilities for manufacturers seeking to optimize their welding processes and deliver superior results. 
  • Rotational Positioner: A true game-changer in welding automation, THG Automation’s Rotational Positioner brings dynamic rotation and positioning to the welding equation. This addition empowers manufacturers to achieve flawless welds on complex geometries, ensuring exceptional quality and efficiency.
  • Intuitive Software Enhancements: THG Automation’s commitment to user-friendly technology continues with the unveiling of enhanced software solutions that simplify programming, streamline workflows, and maximize the potential of its robotic welding systems. Additionally, they will be debuting the new “coordinated motion” software feature.

Why FABTECH 2023 Matters:

“We’re incredibly excited to bring our latest innovations to FABTECH 2023 for the third year in a row,” states Zenobia Weigel, PR Manager at THG Automation. “These advancements epitomize our dedication to transforming the welding landscape by equipping manufacturers with tools that redefine what’s achievable. From improved precision to expanded capabilities, we’re empowering our customers to stay ahead of the curve and set new standards in their industries.”

THG Automation’s presence at FABTECH 2023 reflects the company’s commitment to driving progress, fostering industry collaboration, and unveiling solutions that drive manufacturing excellence.

Visit THG Automation at FABTECH 2023:

Join THG Automation at booth B29070 during FABTECH 2023, scheduled to take place from September 11-14, 2023 at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL. Discover how the Linear Rail Option, Rotational Positioner, and other innovations are transforming the future of robotic welding.

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