Automated Welding Is Our Passion!

Our mission is to provide an automated solution that is quick to deploy, easy to use, and offers the best in welding processes and capabilities.


Where we came from

THG Automation is a solutions provider focused on a new way of thinking around robotic automation. With decades of experience, the THG-A team is no stranger to various robotic automation projects, either by sizes or type. We have supported automation projects from small shops with a single robotic cell to automotive manufacturing projects with hundreds of robots and many plants worldwide.
When it comes to welding, we have an extensive background, from simple steel MIG projects to advanced aluminum welding applications and everything in between. Welding is an art supported by a great deal of science, and we like to approach it with the right blend that makes your projects successful.
The secret sauce to THG Automation is our product development background. We not only understand automation and welding but how to take an idea to market. Our team has decades of product development experience, including software, hardware, and mechanical engineering. We have spent decades providing our clients with industrial design, prototyping, and project management services.

Where we are going

In the past, the only options were complicated traditional robot solutions. These industrial systems were traditionally deployed to execute, in most cases, a single task with a focus on high throughput. For applications where the robot's task is repeated day in and day out, the return on investment is easy to realize. Robotic automation has been a harder sell in low-volume projects, difficult processes like welding aluminum and stainless, production runs with uncertain quantities, and where skilled programmers are hard to find. We have seen these limitations, and until now, there has not been any real good answer to them. Today there is a new movement, and that is in collaborative robots. We at THG Automation have taken advantage of this new movement and are now offering it to our clients as a very capable and quick-to-deploy collaborative welding package.

We offer a growing list of solutions that started with MIG from our URW-2 Fronius and Universal-Robots air-cooled push wire feed systems to our top-of-the-line URW-2PA Fronius CMT push-pull MIG welding power-house. Recently we have added TIG to our lineup for customers that need an easy-to-use COBOT TIG solution to weld their stainless, aluminum, titanium, or other materials and applications where TIG is required. We have also added a cutting line of collaborative solutions, starting with our URC-1X Oxy-Fuel cutting system. Along with our flagship solutions, we have a growing line of add-on options that further extend our capabilities making our customers even more productive such as:

  • Dual Table, for doubling your welding surface or creating a dual station option
  • SideCar, which adds a manual welding feature to your robotic welding
  • Positioners, a servo-controlled option for rotating your parts to a position and allowing your parts to be rotated during the welding process.
  • Industry-leading search functionality, allowing our customers to find features that previously only cameras could find.

THG Automation is excited to be an Authorized Integrator Partner with Fronius. We have been working with Fronius for decades and have been impressed every time with the complete and capable solution Fronius provides. From the typical carbon steel application, thin materials, to the difficult aluminum, Fronius has a solution for it. This is why they are an ideal partner in our welding solution.

To take full advantage of the Universal Robots URCaps platform, we have become a Certified System Integrator with UR. Universal Robots CSI program gives us access to pricing and developer insights to provide the best value and features to our customers.

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THG Automation team photo Christmas 2022