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Choosing the Right Robotic Welding Machine 101

By Zenobia Weigel | September 5, 2023
Robotic welding machines are an investment for any manufacturing facility, and choosing the right machine for specific applications is essential for maximizing productivity and achieving high-quality welds. When choosing a robotic welding machine, there are several factors to consider. Here is an easy guide to selecting the best robotic welding machine for specific applications. 1.…

Applications of Robotic Welding

By Zenobia Weigel | September 5, 2023
Robotic welding technology has become increasingly popular in the manufacturing industry, providing numerous benefits such as increased efficiency, productivity, and quality. Here are examples of industries and applications that benefit from robotic welding technology. Automotive Manufacturing Robotic welding has become a vital component of the automotive manufacturing industry, as they’re well-suited for automotive manufacturing due…
robotic welding

Your First Robotic Welding System

By Zenobia Weigel | September 5, 2023
“Your first robotic welding system – the changes to cultural and upstream processes.” For many organizations still employing manual welding processes, the notion of integrating a robotic welding system into that sphere can be a challenging concept for a variety of reasons. There are so many factors to consider such as the cost of purchasing…
MIG heavy welding on carbon steel axle parts

Unlocking the Future with Collaborative Robotic Welding

By Matt Hendey | September 2, 2023

Welding COBOTs are taking a foothold in manufacturing and presenting advantages to operations both big and small, helping companies surpass their competitors and deliver higher quality, lower cycle time, and better value to their customers.

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Questions to Ask When Looking for Welding Automation

By Zenobia Weigel | September 7, 2022

Welding automation used to be for the big boys! High volume – low mix – expensive integration. Times have changed. Robotic welding automation has come to the masses, but when and how do you know it is right for you? This question is the same for companies big and small it’s just that big companies have practiced asking these questions. Here are some places to start if you need help?

Here’s Why You Need to Join the Hybrid Workforce

By Zenobia Weigel | August 27, 2021
The Welding Sector of the Economy Needs to Be Re-Imagined  As we know, welders are in short supply. Tackling this trend from a different angle, by attracting more people to connect to welding’s vitality and its rewards, will give them a refreshed avenue to explore its possibilities. Society generally needs more education on how welding…

The CMT Welding Process – Here’s What You Need to Know

By Zenobia Weigel | August 5, 2021
You may have noticed that, more than ever, industrial robots are being used in a wide variety of industrial applications to perfect the art of welding. THG Automation’s Universal Robots and Fronius welding solution, the URF-1 system, offers a variety of welding capabilities. One choice is referred to as the CMT (cold metal transfer) process.…

Cobots Vs. Robots

By Katelyn Cowden | July 22, 2021
  While THG Automation is technically a robotics company, the product we sell is actually called a cobot.  So why not just call it a robot?  What’s the difference? There’s a few and they not only differentiate products, but these differences are shaping the automation and manufacturing industries day by day.  Here is a little…

Why Choose Automated Welding?

By Katelyn Cowden | July 7, 2021
Are Robots Going To Take Over The Welding Industry? One comment we hear repeatedly is that our welding systems are taking jobs from people.  Having an inside perspective on the matter made this question sound a little crazy, but I understand where people are coming from by asking.  While I don’t think automated welding will…

Semi Automated Vs Fully Automated Welding

By Katelyn Cowden | June 24, 2021

While people worry that automated welding could replace workers, it’s important to think about if you are going to use a semi automated or fully automated system.  When you worry about it replacing workers, you are likely thinking of a fully automated system.