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THG Automation has released the first robotic welding package for the US market to combine the collaborative capabilities of Universal Robots and the industry leading capabilities of Fronius welding systems. This new system is an out of the box solution for companies that need a quick way to automate part production that would have taken weeks, or even months, with traditional industrial automation.

About THG Automation

In the past, the only robotic solution was the Fanuc, Motoman, ABB, or other traditional robot manufactures. These industrial robots were traditionally integrated to execute, in most cases, a single task. For applications where the robot's task is repeated day in and day out, the return on investment is easy to realize. Robotic automation has been a harder sell in low volume projects, difficult processes like welding aluminum, production runs with uncertain quantities, and where skill programmers are hard to find. We have seen these limitations, and until now, there was no real good answer to them. Today, there is a new movement and that is in collaborative robots. We at THG Automation have started taking advantage of this new technology and are now offering it to our clients as a very capable and quick to deploy package.

Advanced Option

Advanced options like Fronius Teach Mode allow the user to teach the robot positions without bending the weld wire. This is especially helpful when welding with aluminum. Other features, like Free Drive from Universal Robot, makes teaching and touching up the robot position very fast for quicker uptime.


Fronius Capabilities

We are proud to be a Fronius Authorized Integrator Partner.

Fronius is a full-service provider, system manufacturer, and single-source supplier of welding systems for all sectors. Their technologies are designed for all types and production welding. High wire speeds and deposition rates meet all requirements for productivity and precision.

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