Welcome To A Modern Approach To Oxy-fuel Cutting!

Flame cutting complex parts and bevel angles just got easier!

THG Automation has created the URC-1X, an oxy-fuel cutting solution that turns manual operations into automated processes. Using our same easy-to-use interface, our oxy-fuel solution makes setting up cutting jobs easy, just like our welding solutions.

Need to bevel your parts at an exact angle, No problem! Set the cut path with our easy-to-program interface and then type in the cutting angle. Our software takes care of the rest.

oxy-fuel cutting system
Oxy-fuel cutting system with IHT oxy-acetylene cutting torch
IHT APC Database view
robot screenshot oxy-fuel cutting system

IHT advanced cutting technology.

Take the guesswork out of the cutting process. We use IHT cutting technology to make flame cutting easier to setup and reliable.  With IHT you can set your cutting parameters once and then call those parameters up at any time with the same results. With the included ITH FIT+ cutting torch, gas controller, and APC (automatic Process Controller) you get industry-leading cutting technology with all these features:

  • APC Cutting Database
  • Slag Detection
  • Increased Consumable Lifetime
  • Automatic Ignition
  • Coolex® cooling technology
  • Built-in Safety Devices
  • Backfire Detection
  • And more...

Setting up cutting jobs just got easier.

Cutting flat sheets of material is pretty straightforward on typical burn tables, but when you have complex parts with angled cuts and bevel cuts, putting the part in the same spot every time can be tricky. With the THG Automation flame-cutting table, you get fixture holes 360 degrees around the table, so you can relocate tooling in the same place every time. Use standard 16mm or 5/8" welding fixture tooling, such as from Siegmund, or make your own to fixture your production runs.

Hole pattern on oxy-fuel cutting table