Looking for a way to rotate your round or odd-shaped parts?

THG Automation offers servo-controlled positioners that integrate with your new or existing THG Automation welding system. These can be purchased with a system or added to existing Universal-Robots E-Series collaborative robots. Combine it with any THG Automation solution to improve your cutting or welding capabilities.

Each positioner comes complete with:

  • URCap software
  • Robot controller connections
  • Positioner cabinet
  • Safety connection for laser scanners and light curtains
  • Servo amplifier, servo, and connection cables


250lbs Positioner

  • Works with all e-series robot controllers
  • Full servo control with dedicated UR cap
  • Easy to add to existing systems
  • We support Mitsubishio, SureServo, and Yaskawa servos
  • 3-jaw chucks available for add-on
  • Coordinated Motion Coming Soon

Product Features

  • 13-3/4" diameter table
  • 0-5.5 RPM rotation speed
  • Manual tilt adjustment
  • 0-90 degree tilting angle
  • High frequency protected