Universal Robots UR10e and Fronius welding system.

The base Push-Pull system is great for welding carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum with advanced welding processes available with Fronius. This system includes the Base Push system options plus the PMC weld process for better penetration control, and TIG-like appearances, which is only available with the additional wire buffer unit and pull torch.

This system includes the following additional Fronius options:
-Wire Buffer
-Push-Pull Torch
-PMC software options plus PMC Ripple Drive

Each system includes the Universal Robots UR10e 10 kg payload robot with the THG Automation interface software, which includes all the features listed above.

Supported MIG welding processes:
-Synergic Standard
-Synergic Pulse
-Synergic Syncro-Pulse
-PMC Mix Drive
-PMC Ripple Drive

And additional options upon request:
-LSC Root


UR10e + Fronius Basic Push-Pull System


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