Universal Robots UR10e, Fronius welding equipment, and Siegmund welding table with fixturing.

The water-cooled push system is great for welding carbon steel, stainless steel, and can push aluminum, which includes these Fronius options:
-TPS 400i Power Source with 1000 jobs, Teach Mode, Job Editor, and more.
-Wire Feeder
-Spool Holder or Wire Barrel Kit
-Push Torch

Each system includes the Universal Robots UR10e 10 kg payload robot with the THG Automation interface software, which includes all the features listed above.

Included MIG welding processes:
-Synergic Standard
-Synergic Pulse
-Synergic Syncro-Pulse

And additional options upon request:
-LSC Root

Each system also includes a 3′ x 4′ Siegmund Imperial Series Welding Table with the following fixturing:
-(x4) Professional Screw Clamps
-(x12) Short Fast Clamping Bolt Burnished
-(x8) Universal Stop 9” 225 L-Nitrided
-(x4) Stop and Clamping Square (12” Tall) (Nitrated)
-(x1) 4 Piece Maintenance Set
-(x1) Set of Bottles


The water-push system includes all the features of the base air-cooled push system with the addition of a water cooler to assit with heat reduction during higher duty cycles. This system is great for welding carbon steel, stainless steel and can push aluminum. We suggest moving to System 2 if you want to run a lot of aluminum or aluminum wire sizes under .062” or 1.6 mm.

  • Weaving – Set the weave pitch, length, angle, dwell left, and dwell right.
  • Seam Tracking – Follow part deviation with ease.
  • Part Check – Quickly check to see if a part or feature is present with touch sensing to protect your tooling and configure your welding process.
  • Touch Sensing – Find part variations to adjust weld points in multiple dimensions.
  • 1000 weld jobs – Large welding job storage and access to those jobs at any point in the welding process.
  • Job Editor – Access all your welding job parameters to copy, move, edit, backup, and restore to speed up welding development.
  • Fronius Teach Mode – Protect the welding wire from getting bent while teaching and simulating program points.
  • Welding Simulation – Quickly turn welding simulation on and off while the welding program is running with a dedicated hand-held wand.
  • Copy and Pattern welding programs – Use Universal Robots Features to move, copy, or pattern welding programs.
  • Stitch weld, quickly set two points, weld length, and the number of welds to automatically create a series of strip welds.
  • Wire Feeding – Feed wire from a barrel or from the optional spool holder.
  • Starter kit of welding consumables including welding tips liners
  • Pendant Armor teach pendant protector
  • Screen Protector
  • Robot arm spatter guard system
  • Fronius specific tool kit
  • Free software upgrades for a year, including future options
  • Free phone support
  • And more coming soon…

Additional information

Weight1000 lbs
Dimensions48 × 36 × 60 in


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