A Single-Phase Solution At An Affordable Price!

Need a single phase robotic welding solution for your shop, barn, tool room, R&D team, or even mobile applications? THG Automation has a solution for you!

THG Automation has created the URW-2B, single-phase or three-phase industrial COBOT welding solution for operations with limited access to industrial power or needing a simplified robotic welding solution. This solution is great for smaller manufacturing operations, artists, tool rooms, R&D teams, mobile applications,

Using the Fronius TransSteel TSt 2700c power source, you can weld steel and stainless with hard wire, flux core, or metal core wires. The unit runs on a wide range of single-phase or three-phase services. 230 and 240 volts single-phase and 200 to 480 volts three-phase.

The THG Automation single-phase industrial collaborative welding solution with great features but at a budget price.
side view of single-phase MIG welding system

Industry leading industrial COBOT and welding equipment at an affordable price!

Everything you need to start welding your projects within hours of landing on your floor. Just add welding wire, shield gas, and power.

Features Include:

  • Single-Phase or Three-Phase compatible
  • Up to 270 amps on single-phase power See power requirements
  • Runs wire diameters from .030 to .063
  • Simplified interface for even quicker programming
  • (New) Teach Button, set Waypoint from the tool interface
  • Comes with UR10e or UR20 industrial COBOTs
  • Stitch Mode
  • Pattern Mode
  • Path Recording for multi-pass support
  • Siegmund Tool Kit
  • Single-Phase or Three-Phase compatible
  • Mobile table via pallet jack or optional casters
  • And more...

Optional Items:

Tool Adapter W_Waypoint Button
Single-Phase industrial COBOT solution with spool carriage open
Single-Phase industrial COBOT solution

Included with every complete system is a Siegmund brand fixture kit with every table.

Siegmund Welding Tables are the Hardest, Most Durable and Extraordinarily Flat Welding Tables Available in the World.
The hardened X7 Steel (the 8.7 Series), is specially made for Siegmund in Germany. This steel is of a considerably higher hardness grade compared to 98% of the welding tables in the market. With the Series 8.7 Siegmund Welding tables, the top plate achieves a hardness of 850 vickers after the Plasma Nitration and the BAR-Treatment. The higher hardness also helps maintain the flatness of the weld table.


Quantity: 4
Stop and Clamping Square (12" Tall) (Nitrided)

Stop and Clamping Square (12 Tall) (Nitrided)

Quantity: 4
Professional Screw Clamp (Nitrided)

Professional Screw Clamp (Nitrided)

Quantity: 8
5" Universal Stop (Nitrided)

5 Universal Stop (Nitrided)

Quantity: 12
Short Fast Clamping Bolt (Burnished)

Short Fast Clamping Bolt (Burnished)


  • Removes grease, oil and dirt from the table surface
  • Available in 1 Liter spray or 5 Liter container


  • Non-flammable water based solution
  • Prevents weld spatter from adhering to table


  • For removing dirt from bore holes
  • Perfectly sized for System 16 table bore holes


  • For tightening clamping bolts quickly
  • Ball ended for easy location
  • Ergonomic grip handle


  • can be positioned in each system bore hole
  • offers an attachment for your welding burner.
  • Made from Heavy Duty Burnished Metal


  • A Multitude of Clamping Options with Other Squares and Stops are Facilitated by the Borehole.
  • Specifically Made for System 16 Bore Holes, Supporting System 16 Clamps and Stops.
  • The Overall Design Allows Any Piece to be Held in Place Tightly.
Maintenance Set