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THG Automation offers an expanding range of solutions for both welding and cutting application.

Fronius and Univesal Robot Collaborative MIG Welding System

You need to MIG thin parts, thick parts, steel, aluminum, stainless, titanium, and braze; we have you covered. If your parts aren't perfect, we have you covered there as well. Touch sensing, and seam tracking, are standard with every system we sell. Do you need more advanced search functions? Maybe you need Wire Sense, Edge Detect, or path recording for multi-pass welding applications. Not a problem! We are not done yet. Cladding and Hard Facing are with the Fronius CMT (Cold Metal Transfer) option. We also support additive manufacturing with WAAM (Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing), sometimes call DED. Our Easy-To-Teach interface makes setting up new parts and processes a breeze.

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Fronius and Univesal Robot Collaborative TIG Welding System

Our MIG system is Powerful, but in some cases, such as aerospace, food grade, fusion (autogenous), or where special appearances are needed, we offer our Fronius/Universal-Robots solution. Steel, aluminum, stainless, and even titanium are typical TIG welded materials. Do you want to automate aluminum, copper, or other soft materials? We have you covered with our Fronius push-pull wire feed system. Turn on AVC (Auto Voltage Control) to automatically adjust the torch high when the material is not flat.

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4' X 8' Oxy-Acetylene Cutting Table with IHT Fit+ Cutting System

Bevel Cut and Contour Cut with our Oxy-Fuel cutting system. With acetylene or propane, you can now cut thick plates in 2D and 3D space. Use our 16mm / 5/8" hole pattern to locate tooling for repeat jobs.

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