THG Automation stocks a wide variety of consumables and replacement parts for the Fronius based systems we sell. Most common items are listed below, but Fronius offers a vast selection of additional components for a wide array of use cases. For items not listed in our online store, Call Or Email For Price And More Details At 317-953-5575 | so we can best fit your needs. You can also set up an account at for a complete list of spare parts for applications beyond what THG Automation offers.

For a complete guide showing all the Fronius components related to the THG Automation URW-2PA CMT Push-Pull Welding systems, click on the image to the right for the PDF download.

Fronius MTB 500i W R Water Cooled Torch Exploded View

Torch Consumables 8mm

Torch Consumables 6mm Narrow Gap

WF 60i CMT Push-Pull Torch Body Consumables

WF 60i Robacta Drive CMT_W

SB 60i R/ G/W/FSC (Wire Buffer and SplitBox)

MTB 500i W R Water Cooled Torch Options (Call For Pricing And Availability)

Fronius MTB 500i W R Torch Option